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Outlook 2013 Multiple Not Responding Issues After Adding EE Photos to Active Directory

Recently we went through the process of adding employee photos to AD.  The photos were all added with the CodeTwo Active Directory Photos tool and resized so all are under the 1MB limitation (most are around 40-50KB).

After adding the photos we are experiencing issues with the Outlook clients specifically:
- opening an email from coworkers > print > print screen and Outlook goes to "Not Responding"
- creating an email with other coworkers > save it as a draft > go to drafts folder and try to open email Outlook goes to "Not Responding"

I have done an exhaustive search and cannot find any info regarding these issues.

We are using:
- Exchange 2016
- Outlook 2013 clients
- Server 2008R2SP1 domain controllers

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017


I advise you to test using OWA and share the result. Also test outlook in safe mode and let me know the result.

bmalmquistInformation Technology Director



Testing with:

- OWA:

- No issues experienced in either printing or saving a draft and re-opening the draft.

- Safe Mode:

- Printing email from coworkers causes Outlook to "Not Respond"

- Printing email from outside email address prints normally (same result as original post just didn't clarify)

- Draft email opening has mixed results

Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer Lindows

The assumption is all patching is up to date.
As far as i can imagine there is a difference in authentication between OWA and outlook clients and i would start looking in that direction. What methods are allowed and disallowed between the two?
Information Technology Director

Coincidentally, we determined the problem to be on the exact day we implemented the images our website host (where we keep our image for our auto-signature) blacklisted our IP address which in turn was causing the print preview of emails and issues with drafts because the signature image would not load.  Thank you everyone who had input.