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Useful Certification to get

Dear Experts,

I would like to find out what would be the best suited network certification to obtain for myself.
I have a mish-mash background, after getting M.S. in computer science with software engineering emphasis, I was working as a software/field engineer, then software project manager.
After taking time off to raise children, I started my own business as an IT consultant, where I did everything from hardware/software installation, infrastructure management, training, and troubleshooting for small businesses.  All of my knowledge came from basically learning as I needed from vendors and other sources.
A few more jobs later, I am now bouncing back and forth between Sr. System/Network Admin roles at my current employer.
My problem is, besides my degree, I do not have any certification, but I can administer Cisco/Fortinet Firewalls, switches, Windows servers, Exchange servers, and am versed in PowerShell scripts as well as Java, VBA.  I feel very non-standardized, and would like to have some type of certification.  Since I really don't need to learn more about Windows servers or Azure AD, I was leaning towards some type of network certification.  Cisco, CompTIA Network+, etc.  I do have basic theoretic knowledge on networking from my graduate courses, however I have a feeling some of those are outdated at this point.
Please advise.
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I would recommend that you start with basic certifications before building towards the line which you come across the most. Basic Certification Includes Comptia and then specialization Certification Includes CISCO, Microsoft, AWS to name a few. This gives you a great foundation then you build on it with time.

Best of luck with this ...
yballanSystem Administrator


Thank you, Gurvinder, I will start from there!!
Daniel HwangIT Manager

Palo Alto Best Practice