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We have a CPA client running Windows 10 Pro with 1909 updates.  For the past two weeks, he is getting a BSOD with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT message.  One day last week he got two BSOD in one day and then three days without the error and one BSOD today.  We had other customers with a similar issue after updates KB4524244 and KB4532693.  Removing these updates appeared to resolve the other client issues but not for the CPA client.  The removal was based on an internet article about Windows 10 issues after the updates around February 17.

We are asking for any suggestions for software or hardware for troubleshooting the PFN issue.  This is a very busy time for all CPAs.  Getting a BSOD in the middle of a tax return could result in the loss of several hours work.  We have found several solutions such as checking RAM, hard drive, and drivers but would like any suggestions before starting the list of items to check so we can minimize any possible downtime of the computer.  If we get replies pointing to a certain solution, we would like to use that as our next step.  

Thanks for any suggestions or comments on resolving this issue.  Please let us know if more specific information is required.
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Thanks for both replies.  Agree with comments about recent information about the PFN BSOD.  We will check to see if the dump file is available.  If not, we will set the options to create the file for future study.  We will also check the memory and hard drive.  Our client understands the possibility of losing data with a BSOD and does save as much as the tax program allows.  

We can post an update when we can get access to the client's computer.
ok - take your time
The client has not had another BSOD since February 26.  The hard drive checked OK but have not had the opportunity to go on-site to check memory.
 I can upload the memory dump file but it's about 896000kb in size.  Would you still like to see this file?

Thanks for taking the time to help with this issue.
a minidump would be a lot better than a full dump
you can set the system to make minidumps for the future
I have changed to minidump.  Should I upload the file we have from the last BSOD?

Thanks for the replies and assistance
if you have a recent minidump then yes
All I have is the full dump from last week.  

Should we wait until the BSOD happens again and then review with the minidump?  

What's the suggested procedure with Experts Exchange for handling issues where we need to wait for the next occurrence to get the dump file?  Should I close the request and reopen later?

Thanks again
you could upload the dump somewhere and we could access it from that shared location . i.e. google drive/OneDrive
There are unanswered questions here on EE that are several years old.
If or when we get another BSOD, I will post to this series and attach the minidump.  It's not easy to troubleshoot an issue that is not reoccurring in a regular timeframe.  We had two BSOD in back-to-back days last week but -so far - no more.  Don't know if we resolved the issue while checking the system or there was something else.

Thanks for the replies.
I'm attaching two minidump files from our CPA customer.  The BSOD seems to occur when he is using the TaxWIse 2019 software and opens a previous version of the TaxWise program to compare tax return information.  We have found references on a TaxWise site where other TW clients get the BSOD with file nlem64nt.sys.  We saw this file in the minidump file.

We have shared this information with our customer.  

We will appreciate your comments on this after reviewing the dump file.

Thanks again for your assistance and willingness to help.
the first is a PFN error and shows a winows 8 driver error
the second one lists taxwise as problem
can you update or uninstall/reinstall it?
also, this pcc seems to be upgraded from win8 -  maybe a fresh install is the best option
Thanks for the reply.  This is not an upgraded computer.  This was a new computer, installed in 2019, running Windows 10 Pro.  All Win10 updates are installed.

The customer will be calling TaxWise customer support for their feedback.  Reinstalling TaxWise is an option but will wait pending the TW feedback.

 We have asked the customer to note what is being done when the BSOD occurs.  Will provide updates when we receive them.

Thanks again for the reply.