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Conditional Formatting Background On Continuous Form

I have a continuous form in my Access 2013 application.  Each line is pre-populated with values (Year, Principal, Interest, Penalty, Lien Fess and Atty Fees) from the bound record.  The bound fields are locked, no entry permissable.
Each line also has bound fields (NewPrincipal, NewInterest, etc..) pre-populated with the same values.

The user is permitted to change any of the bound values.

If the user changes any values in the 'New' fields I would like the background of that line of the continuous to be yellow.  There can be many lines on the continuous form and not all will be changed.  By making the background of any changed records yellow it would be easier for the users to keep track of which records had already been updated.
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If you change an unbound field's value  then the new value is "propagated" to all the unbound records of that  field...for example if you change NewPrincipal on some row will see it will automatically get set all to all the rows of NewPrincipal

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John and Gustav: Thanks for you replies and as I read them I realized I hadn't described the form correctly.  The 'New' prefix fields on the form are bound and the only fields on the form that the user can change.

The entire form is bound to a temp table.  When the user has  comleted all of there changes, they will submit the form and all changes will be applied to the live file.  While they are making changes, which may be to multiple records on the continuous form, I would like any record they have made changes to to  have the background changed to a different color (yellow?)

I've edited this question to describe this correctly.

Thank you for the explanation, but it doesn't change anything regarding your task. You will need additional fields to bind to the editable textboxes.

Thanks gentlemen