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Importing JSON Rest API into SQL Using SSIS

This is a general question, i'm trying to figure out how to import a JSON file from a rest API (Link Below) using SSIS. I've never worked with this type of data before, and every where I look, they want you to purchase a tool to do this, we don't have the budget to buy any tools. Any help or examples would be really great. Thanks!
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Essentially you can import JSON data/docs/files by using a OPENROWSET command like in the sample code below:

SELECT BulkColumn
 FROM OPENROWSET (BULK 'C:\JSON\Books\book.json', SINGLE_CLOB) as j;

--or like:

SELECT @JSON = BulkColumn
(BULK 'C:\file-location\my-data.json', SINGLE_CLOB) 
AS j

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and if you look at more details here:¬†they actually show exactly how to import "...the JSON is from an API call for a set of land parcels from a virtual reality platform (to make things interesting ūü¶ē):"

If you really want to use SSIS to perform the import then I believe the link will show you just how to do that.
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I actually need to get the data from the rest API, not from a drive, also the dba's don't allow us to get external files

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Will this SSIS Solution work with JSON ? I'll try and tweak it and let you know. 

I found out we can use open JSON. In this solution, where can i find the JSON structure ? I assume it must be like an .xsd file which defines the document. However, since i've not worked with JSON at all, i should probably find that document on opendata.... 

                                   SET @json = ""
                                   SELECT * FROM  
                                    OPENJSON ( @json )  
                                   WITH (   
                                                 --...your JSON document structure here