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Bluetooth external UK QWERTY keyboard treated as US QWERTY in Windows 10

I have a Surface Book 2 laptop running the latest Windows 10 operating system. The keyboard is UK QWERTY and works fine. However I prefer to fold the keyboard over and use the laptop screen as a display on a raised stand and use an external Bluetooth UK QWERTY keyboard.

Recently since the past week something happened and my UK external Bluetooth keyboard seems to have turned into a US keyboard. The " becomes @ and vice versa. Other character symbols are also in the wrong position. I must stress that the Surface Book keyboard is just fine,

I have the following settings:

Settings > Time and Language > Region > Country or Region > United Kingdom
Settings > Time and Language > Region > Regional format > English (United Kingdom)

Settings > Time and Language > Language > Windows display language > English (United Kingdom)
Settings > Time and Language > Language > Preferred languages > English (United Kingdom) - This is the only listing

When I select OPTIONS for the English (United Kingdom) Preferred language, under Keyboards only United Kingdom (QWERTY) is listed.

Can you please explain how I can ensure the external keyboard (Arteck HB086) is recognised as United Kingdom QWERTY?
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Is this a factory installed OS?

From the BT KB what options are displayed when you press WinKey + Spacebar?

Have you tried adding a second keyboard (UKX - UK Extended) under your Language Settings?

With OEM systems sometimes I see US based installs that have had UK language settings added and then the US settings removed, there, actually *adding* the US option and then under Advanced Keyboard Settings adding the UK KB as the Override for Default Input Method fixes this.
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Thanks MASQ.

This is a legit operating system which came installed with the laptop.

WinKey + Spacebar shows nothing but that's presumably because I have not enabled any other preferred languages under keyboards.

This did work up until about 1 week ago so I'm wondering if a Windows update caused this,

I'm not totally clear on your suggestion on how to fix this. Can you please explain what I should do in simple steps. I have incidentally tried using UK Extended but this did not work.
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I noticed that there was the following Windows update:

Among the highlights section it says:
Updates to improve security when using input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or stylus.
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