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python calculating birthday

I am new to Python. try to learn. I want to create program where it should ask for birthday just day and month using input function and if the birthday is in the future then should give message that how many days left for your birthday, if it   is already passed then it should give message that your birthday was that many days ago and if it is today then should show message ‘happy birthday’
I spent lot of time but no luck
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What is the current state of your Python code?
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import datetime
today_date =
birthday = input(“enter your birth date (DD/MM):”)
if x > 0
print(your birthday has already passed by” (x))
if x < 0
print(“u still have (x) days left”)
if x = 0
print(“happy birthday”)
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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)
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Always very helpful!! Thanks a lot

You're welcome!