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Apps fail when switching the Default Website within StoreFront 3.15

Hello.  Env:  Netscaler MPX9700, 11.1, Storefront 3.15 (On Windows 2012R2) - 2 Stores.  XenApp 6.5 (1 store) & XenApp 7.15 (2nd Store).

I have switched my Secondary Store in StoreFront 3.15 to be the primary store, so want Netscaler/Storefront to use XenApp 7.15 Store as its primary.  

In Netscaler, I updated the Netscaler VIP and the StoreFront VIP (Under Traffic Mgmt) to use the existing IP set in DNS.  I am able to authenticate to either store.  However; when launching an application in either store, I receive the following errors.  (Attached).  What I don't understand is why this would occur?    I can put the IP's back and swap the default websites on Storefront and all works as expected.  Additionally this poses concern if another store was introduced or new IP's required for whatever reason.  Since it's getting authenticated and attempts to launch the app which sometimes registers in Director as a timeout failure, I'm confused as to where the communication is breaking on the way back and why that would be different?

I would simply change DNS however; two reasons I don't want to do that.  #1 - If I do that without understanding what is happening here, will I ever be able to get rid of the secondary store?  Secondly, we have already distributed the externally facing VIP's and some clients have already updated there whitelists.

Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.
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Sam JacobsCitrix Technology Professional / Director of TechDev Services, IPM

Any errors in the StoreFront event log?


No, not seeing any errors in the Citrix Delivery Services event log on the StoreFront system.


Other thoughts, what's been your std process to switch to a secondary store?  What steps do you take on the StoreFront system and the Netscaler?

This has been solved.  Essentially the steps are:

Within StoreFront, Change the Default Website to the New Store.  Configure Remote Access Settings and select the 'new' store to change this to the Default Appliance.  This will flip the flag in Manage Netscaler Gateway's to say "YES" used by Stores.

Change the IP or DNS (Your choice) within the Netscaler Appliance under the Netscaler Gateway configuration to the new store.

Wolla...  Good Luck :)