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Looking for an example of passing JSON to a server API.  I've had help getting the JSON created from HTML Form Elements, now I need to pass this on to the API.
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var yourjson = {
    n: 1,
    b: true,
    s: "hello" 
$.post( "/path/to/api", yourjson, function( data ) {
}, "json);

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Here an example without jQuery:

<title>JSON API</title> 
input, select { 
	width: 300px; 
var req = { 
	"request": { 
        "subject": "Unable to fetch mails", 
        "description": "I am unable to fetch mails from the mail server", 
        "requester": { 
            "id": "4", 
            "name": "administrator" 
        "impact_details": "Routine tasks are pending due to mail server problem", 
        "resolution": { 
            "content": "Mail Fetching Server problem has been fixed" 
        "status": { 
            "name": "Open" 
var fldMap = { 
window.onload = function(){ 
	var elements = document.forms[0].elements; 
	for(var item in fldMap){ 
		elements[fldMap[item]].value = getObjVal(req, item);	 
function getObjVal(oBase, oPath){ 
	var oElem = oPath.split('.'); 
	if(oElem.length == 1){ 
		return oBase[oElem[0]]; 
	oBase = oBase[oElem[0]]; 
	return getObjVal(oBase, oElem.join('.')); 
function setObjVal(oBase, oPath, oValue){	 
	var oElem = oPath.split('.'); 
	if(oElem.length == 1){ 
		oBase[oElem[0]] = oValue; 
	} else { 
		oBase = oBase[oElem[0]]; 
		setObjVal(oBase, oElem.join('.'), oValue); 
function callJsonAPI(theForm){ 
	var elements = theForm.elements; 
	for(var item in fldMap){ 
		setObjVal(req, item, elements[fldMap[item]].value);	 
	fetch('', { 
		method: 'POST', 
		body: JSON.stringify(req), 
		headers: { 
			"Content-type": "application/json; charset=UTF-8" 
	.then(response => response.json()) 
	.then(json => theForm.result.value="Response from\n"+JSON.stringify(json).replace(/\,/g,',\n')) 
<h1>JSON form</h1> 
<tr><th>Subject:</th><td><input type="text" name="subject" ></td></tr> 
<tr><th>Description:</th><td><input type="text" name="description" ></td></tr> 
<tr><th>Requester ID:</th><td><input type="text" name="requester_id" ></td></tr> 
<tr><th>Requester Name:</th><td><input type="text" name="requester_name" ></td></tr> 
<tr><th>Resolution:</th><td><input type="text" name="resolution" ></td></tr> 
<tr><th>Status:</th><td><input type="text" name="status" ></td></tr> 
<tr><td></td><td><input type="button" value="Submit" onClick="callJsonAPI(this.form)" ></td></tr> 
<textarea name="result" cols="80" rows="12" > 

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I'm having to build for two different versions of the API as we have two different instances.  

They both require paramaters to be inserted into the URL and an additional header for authtoken

version 1: authtoken, scope, OPERATION_NAME (value is ADD_REQUEST) and INPUT_DATA (value is JSON)
Expected: http://someserver/sdpapi/request?OPERATION_NAME=ADD&TECHNICIAN_KEY=11111&INPUT_DATA=(json)

version 2: authtoken, and input_data
Expected: http://someserver/api/v3/requests?input_data=(json) 

So it seems like the body of the json can be empty and everything is embedded in the URL.
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I would strongly recommend going with Fetch. It can get tricky but it is one of the best thing that I have come across.

...and if you get old IE9 users tell them there is Edge Chromium out  :  )

Zvonko :P If you have IE9 users... well.. time to quit :D and find other job / client :P

I am retiered  <|:-)

Aahhh.. the sweet joy... but do we really ... truly retire... ever? :)

That was what my colleagues told me: you will see, only the management changes  :  )

Thank you Zvonko.  I'm working through some issues on the server side and believe you have helped me out
Thank you Zvonko.  I'm working through some issues on the server side and believe you have helped me out