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Advice about HP DL380 gen 10 server additional disk options

I'm about to order a DL380 gen 10 server based on the 12 LFF chassis along with the optional 2 SFF rear disk box which I will use for a pair of 2.5" SSDs . With this combination, can I also I also fit two NVMes internally?

My requirement is for a server with 12 x 3.5" LFF HDDs and either 4 x SSDs or two SSDs plus two NVMes at the rear or internally. I would be grateful for any advice,

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Yes, you can have 2 M.2  NVMe sticks on the default primary PCIe riser card.  They will not be on any RAID card you put in it.

M.2 drives supported in the Primary Riser and use S100i SATA controller only.
M.2 supports Software RAID only. - Windows only AFAIK as they're on the S100i fakeRAID controller.

There is also an internal 4LFF midplane. https://youtu.be/B0J2pITXFZw?t=180
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Thank you very much for clarifying various optional feature of the HPE DL 380 gen 10 that even HPE and one of their authorized dealers  don't seem to be very clear about. This has informed our purchasing decisions and we are going ahead with buing one of these servers.

Thank you,