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Sync of old server share folder with new NAS

I am looking into some type of software that will help me accomplish the following:
1. We are moving all of our shared folders off an old server and uploading it to a QNAP TS-332X
2. I had setup this about 10 days ago and was going to have my clients start to use the new network storage folders, however I have found out that many employees are still using the old server share.  (I ran into an issue because 2 days after migrating all data I had to have emergency surgery, so I was not able to monitor the employees

So here is my issue - I have moved about 725GB of Data and 75% of the staff is using the new system...is there an easy way to view the files that have been changed in the past week or so on the old server, so I don't get stuck moving all the data again.  

Hope this makes sense. - Thank you
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Hope you are doing well.

That is always an issue when going from one share to another.

Depending on the tools you are using, you ha e option to limit heave range of files modify.....

You have not specified the OS, whether robocopy for Windows, or you are using a UNIX/Linux type options such as rsync.
Diff to compare files that changed on both side between the time you completed the initial copy and the time since.

If you could provide additional detail on OS in use, it might be simpler.

Depending on the nature of the business, it might be simpler and straight forward to migrate all the remaining clients to the new share to avoid running in circles.
It is easier to go to the old share to locate a file a user says they modified, created
Versus your current dilemma which is while you are addressing one issue, users might still be writing, modifying old server data. The thing can quickly getaway if there are common files multiple users might access, modify..
Dan NewmanIT Consultant


Thank you - I did realize that it was simply easier to just move the majority of the data, and per your comments, I will leave the old one up but limit accessibility to only a few people.  This way they can retrieve that info if needed.  Thank you