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Could you point how to handle Undefined Offset Error in Laravel?

Hi Experts

Could you point  how to handle Undefined Offset Error in Laravel?

This code:

        $registros = array();

        for($indexDistribuidor = 0; $indexDistribuidor<count($metas); $indexDistribuidor += 12){
            $item = array();
            array_push($item, $metas[$indexDistribuidor]->razaosocial);
            array_push($item, $metas[$indexDistribuidor]->cnpj);
            for($indexMes = 0; $indexMes < 12; $indexMes++){
                array_push($item, $metas[$indexDistribuidor + $indexMes]->meta);

            array_push($item, $metas[$indexDistribuidor]->distribuidor_id);
            array_push($item, $ano);

            array_push($registros, $item);

        return $registros;

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During the foreach the array of objects is correctly been mounted.

But at certain point this offset error is produced:

 User generated image
Any workaround?

Thanks in advance.
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Bhavesh Shah
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you can fix this using isset().

did you try it?

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Chris Stanyon
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Hi Chris

By using your code the error doesn't occurs at controller but  now  is occurring at view...

It's due 12 months possible to present data at view.

The previous query that must to generate data have to be adjusted to get only 12 lines per "distribution company".

After correcting the query everything is OK.

But your suggestion is pretty good.

Thank you!