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New Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Cannot find bots

Is there any chance that bots were taken out of the new Microsoft Teams admin center? The instructions I see only to enable bots in the organization show a completely different interface. In the Teams admin center, my org-wide settings are enabled --Allow third party apps, Allow any new third party apps published to the store by default, Allow interaction with custom apps.

If I go to "Manage Teams" I see tabs for "Members", "Channels" and "Settings", but no tab for "Bots".  Can someone let me know what I am missing?
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It makes sense. I have all apps enabled and the org-wide settings on the screen are also enabled. But in the "Manage Teams" section, shouldn't I see a column called "Bots"? Or did they get rid of this as well? (Honestly, I'm not clear on the difference between bot and app) See attached screenshot.User generated image