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Free 2FA solution to work with CyberArk (a PAM session recording solution)

sunhux asked
We have overseas IT vendors who need to access our systems &
we need them to go through our Barracuda WAF (it's internet-
facing) before they connects to our CyberArk (a PAM solution
like Thycotic, BeyondTrust) to get a video-recorded session to
gain access to the production systems.

However, Barracuda engineering & CyberArk vendor can't get
the 2 products to work, so now we have to expose the Cyberark
portal to Internet which audit will require 2FA.

Anyone know if Cyberark comes bundled with 2FA solution?

If not, is there any free 2FA solution that could work with
Cyberark?  Something that sends OTP to the specific IT
vendor's overseas phone.  We don't have the budget to
get a 2FA solution.  Mind giving me the steps to set this
up as well?
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Distinguished Expert 2019
If I recall properly, CyberArk works with Okta and Duo (I know there are others, just not sure what they might be). And in doing a quick search, I did find an article from Duo: https://duo.com/docs/cyberark