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nextcloud issue with only office.

I have nextcloud version 17. on ubuntu 18 (lxd).
I have integrated only office on nextclod.
When customer try to open a word (or excel ...) the program is opening on same windows browser as nextcloud. is it possible to open it to new tab or new window?
Because at that moment is not possible to see nextcloud browser.
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Software Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019
AFAICT you cannot open it into another window.

What you can do is have multiple browser tabs/windows  open and walk around your nextcloud other apps.
They all need to be from the same user though.

Unless you have separate profiles (chrome / mozilla).


if i have had a separate server for onlyoffice, was the same problem?
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019

No the only-office app runs in a iframe.  An iframe is bound to the window it runs in.
The iframe is secured by tying it to the parent frame to prevent theft / manipulation of data. (although you site should be able to do call outs_).

Running independent windows can be done by just opening multiple links.  and opening a only-office document in one windows and run the list file files in another.