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need to know if there is a system that can connect to hotel mics and then be fed directly into a laptop for use with gotomeeting

I purchased some wireless lavalier mics that plug directly into my Dell laptop and then I use gotmeeting to stream our company meeting.  There are some issues that I would want to address by purchasing a system to stream our meeting in the future.  They said my budget is $7000.  The problem we had was the mics the presenters were using for the meeting room in the hotel were connected with the audio speakers in the ceiling for the attendees in the room to hear.  I velcroed on the wireless mics so the remote attendees could hear.  This did work very well but I was wondering if there is a system that could "tap" into the mics the hotel provides and go into some sort of a mixer (not sure what I'm talking about) and then into my laptop so the audio from the hotel mics can be heard by the attendees in the hotel and the remote attendees.  Then I could do away with the separate velcroed wireless mics.
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