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Visual Studio Code Copy with Line Numbers extension copying code

Hi Experts,

I'm using Visual Studio Code.

I saw this cool extension:

Copy With Line Numbers

The extension website menu shows that i will see a menu like this.

But after I installed the extension, When I open up a C# or VB file I don't see that menu circled in red.

When I select all the code and right click the mouse button I just see this menu.
This copy, on this menu just a regular copy, it doesn't copy the line numbers.


How do I launch that menu circled in red in the screenshot above, so I can copy code with line numbers using this extension?
Is their some keyboard shortcut keys I can use to copy?
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Not sure if the extension has any built-in short cut keys, but one approach is to:

- select your text
- press Control-Shift-P
- type "copy" (without the quotes)
- the list of commands should then include the ones from that extension (see below)


yup. Thats the way. Thanks.