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System Out of Memory exception

As per Application vendor - Require configure "4gt-tuning feature" in windows 2003 server Enterprise Edition

Currently the server having 36 GB Ram installed

Require configure  "4gt-tuning feature"

How to enable 4gt-tuning  in windows 2003 server Enterprise Edition

 The server having 36 GB and still need to use "3/GB" value to edit the boot.ini file.

Went through few ms documentation but its quite confusing.

Require step by step to enable/configure "4gt-tuning feature" in WIndows 2003 with existing assigned physical memory value
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@Doodad Boy Hi there! :)

I am assuming one of the few ms documentation you went looking through but seemed quite confusing includes the following article.

4-Gigabyte Tuning: BCDEdit and Boot.ini

The command "bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072" changes that division: it gives 3072MB (3GB) to user space and 1GB to system space. Not all applications can use the extra gigabyte, but some can: applications that are coded "large address aware" (LAA) are the ones that can

Please try the following instructions.

  1. Open the command prompt with administrator privilege.
  2. Take a backup of the original settings as bcdedit > before.log.
  3. Run the following commans : bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072
  4. Run bcdedit before reboot to see if IncreaseUserVa is set to 3072.
  5. Reboot the system to bring the change into effect.
  6. After rebooting, run "bcdedit" from the command prompt and verify the following values: increaseuserva          3072
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

@Doodad Boy You're welcome! Glad I was of help :)