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Office365 Spam Filter Settings

i was asked to see why an email was not delivered and update the spam filter so similar emails do not get blocked.  

In looking through the Spam filter I see that under Bulk Email, Mark bulk email as spam is checked and the threshold is 3.  

What exactly does the 3 mean is this just a scale of how certain they are it is a bulk email or the number of recipients.   The email in question had several recipients and it was the only one blocked for this sender.
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Best thing to do here is run a message trace, it will give you the exact reason why the message was blocked. You can also look at the header info for additional details. Once you have the reason, you can adjust settings as needed.
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Thanks.  I have already run a mail trace and was looking for a reason.   No where in the results did I see a reason for it being classified as spam.   It is similar to several other emails which were delivered except for the number of recipients on the email.     I went through the headers and the only thing I saw was the sender does not have spf records but all but one other email from the same address were delivered without issue.