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File too large for transfer to flash drive

I am running Windows 10.  I have a travel 64GB flash drive that I use for presenting videos on the road.  The flash drive is formatted exFAT, but when I try to transfer a 5.1GB MP4 file to the flash drive I get the following message:

User generated image
I thought exFAT could handle the larger files.  Please advise.


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☠ MASQ ☠

Have you checked Windows is seeing the drive as exFAT?
(Right-click > Properties > General > File System)
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Arnold / MASQ,

I confirmed that there was 60+ GB of space on the drive.  Though the Properties indicated that it was formatted as exFAT, I went ahead and RE-formatted it just to see if that might help ... and sure enough, it's working.  Thanks for your help.