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Access 2013 ACCDE file not running on specific computers

We have an Access front end application (sql server backend) which is developed in Office 2010 and compiled using Access 2010.  When we distribute the application, it has run with no issues on systems running Access 2010 - 2019 in retail versions,  volume licensed editions,  Office 365 subscriptions , on OSs from Windows 7 through Server 2016.
Now we have Lenova workstation that when running simple VBA function code its giving an error.

"3075 function is not available in expresssions in query expression  ((tblEmphistoryStartDate) < Date() - 1)"

If I compile the Access application on this machine, then I do not get this error when running the compiled accde version.
The 2013 build on this computer 15.0.5111.1001.  is the same as a server on the same network and it runs the accde compiled in 2010 without error.

I'm lost as to what to look for to correct this on the workstation.  I have run Office Repair from Control Panel and that did not correct it.  

Any suggestions are welcome.
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