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write excel invalid data to sql server table in ssis

I have ssis package that reads in excel file

I know there are some rows in the excel file that have non date values in cells that should have date values

I tried redirecting rows to an error table that has columns that are defined as varchar(255)

However package keeps failing saying conversion error

I know there is a conversion error just want the records to write to a table

not sure what I am missing
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Jim Horn
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Knee-jerk reactions...
  1. Excel is great in that users can do thousands of different customizations, but that greatness makes it terrible for a data source to be imported into a normalized database that requires a rock-solid 'contract' between source and target. 
  2. HIGHLY recommend in your data pump create a new talbe (We call these 'staging tables').  Make some or all of the columns (n)varchar's.  This way the SSIS package has a much higher chance of succeeding without error when data is not the expected data type.
  3. Then in T-SQL you can write code in a SP to validate that dates are dates, numbers are numbers, etc., and then (a)  Move all of the good rows into the ultimate target table, and (b) handle the validation fails gracefully. 
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Hi Jim

I do have excel going to a table that has columns defined as nvarchar(255)

I put imex =1 in to the excel connection thinking that would force excel to read in as string

however, when I look at the excel columns in ssis it thinks it is date and I think this is issue when the value is in fact not a date

Not sure what I am missing
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Jim Horn
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