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Need to be notified of processes causing high utilization

I am finding that a server I am responsible for is having utilization problems but by the time I get notified and pop on it remotely the problem is gone. Is there a simple logger/notifier that will record high utilization by processes and store the info so I can see it?
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how are you currently getting notified?
there is a small utility ( ResLoad Notifier ) I used before but I don't think it is needed anymore with the tools server 2012 already offers
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I have an RMM (Ninja) that will only tell me (via email) if an overall Utilization % is achieved. It won't tell me the offending individual processes.
not familiar with ninja but if you can make it run a script when it is triggered you could use

(Get-Counter '\Process(*)\% Processor Time').CounterSamples | Where-Object {$_.CookedValue -gt 10}

to list the processes with more than 10% utilization at the time it was run, you could then attach the results to your ninja mail notification
As mentioned I am remote. Having to connect remotely and watching  Performance Monitor for hours doesn't sound like a lot of fun :)
You can save the results. Nevermind. What about the PRTG?
PRTG does nothing more then my RMM. Overall utilization but won't tell you the offending processes.
I got the Performance Monitor set up and running. 20 minutes later I got a notification from my RMM that the server utilization went above 60%. I got on remotely and could not get any reports. Just the attached screenshot.
what screenshot?
This one :)
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I am glad you resolved it!

Also, feel free to mark all posts that pointed you to the solution.
Glad it worked, that utility is always trusty no matter how much the OS grows, that one keeps doing what it does really well