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Combine MP3 files Quickly and easily

I manage an audio blog. Each day I get an MP3 file from the author, and need to add on an intro and outro. I can do this easily using AVS4U Audio Editor, but I want to give this job over to someone else and make it even easier for him (and if possible, I would like to avoid re-encoding the file as that takes time and can potentially lesson the quality).

Is there some program out there that can combine three MP3 files together and form a new MP3 file?
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Just a comment:

Doing this with MP3 encoded data means that the result will not be a single piece of work seen from the mastering process.
As the author does the mastering before sending the file to you, why doesn't he add the intro and the outro before encoding it?
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MASQ: Thank you for the direction to the program. I will download it and see if it works as advertised, but it looks perfect for my solution.

ste5an: The person who does the recording uses an MP3 recording device and uploads it immediately upon completion of his class. There is no processing done at all on his side.