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SSAS Tabular Project will not upgrade to the latest compatibility mode

I'm seeing very strange behavior after upgrading a Tabular SSAS Project to SQL Server 2019 (1500).  When I right click the Model in Visual Studio and go to Properties, the Compatibility mode is correct as shown in the attached screenshot: Model Mode
If I right click the Project itself, under Deployment Server, the Version says 13.0.  This is read only and I'm unable to change it.  The server was upgraded to SQL Server 2019 in the past couple days, so when the project was first create in VS, we were on SQL Server 2016.

When I go to the SSAS Server, right click the Server and go to Properties, I see the supported compatibility mode is 1500, Mode is Tabular and Version is like I would expect: Server Compatibility
If, however, I right click the Database within the SSAS Server, I get the following screenshot showing a Compatibility Level of SQL Server 2016 (1300): Database Compatibility
I have reprocessed everything, deleted the entire database and processing it again from scratch, cleaned and rebuilt the project several times, etc.  Nothing seems to resolve the database being stuck in the old compatibility mode.  Any ideas on what to try here?
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I was able to resolve this myself.  I had to delete the database from the SSAS Server then restart the SSAS service.  I also then closed out VS entirely allowing all potential cache to clear out.  When I opened everything back up and Deployed the project again, the Compatibility Mode now says 1500 on the server database.