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Decommissioning 2008 Domain Controller with KMS installed

Hi, I'm in the process of decommissioning a 2008 DC with KMS installed, I know the KMS service is seperate from AD DS and I believe that the decom should not affect KMS but I just wanted to check to see if anyone has had experience with this before going ahead,

Will the KMS service be afected during or after the decom.

thanks in advance.
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Senior Network Systems Specialist
AS long as you have KMS (or Volume Activation services) is installed on another server, and DNS updated to use the new server, then there should be no affect at all. Servers and Workstations will try to re-activate every 7 days, they can be still be active for upto 180 days before it needs to check a KMS server again.

See https://secureinfra.blog/2019/01/13/understanding-volume-activation-services-part-1-kms-and-mak/

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