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Conditional Text in Word with XML data source

Laurence Martin
I have a potential client that is using an ERP system called Priority which produces various documents such as invoices using a Word template with mapped XML fields.

Sometimes they will produce a single document, sometimes it is a batch.

They want the document to say different things depending on the data.

If this were a Word mail merge I would use a If..Then..Else field in the mail merge, but they tell me that isn't working.  I guess that is because they aren't running a Word merge.

Can you use IF fields in this XML situation, if so how?
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John KorchokProduction Manager

The answer will depend on how Priority operates. Here's their contact page, where you can request a demo and ask questions: Priority Contact Page
Laurence MartinTraining Director


OK, let's forget about Priority for a moment.  I'd like to learn more about IF fields.

How do they work when it's not a mailmerge?

The Microsoft website just says {If order>100 "truetext" "falsetext"}.  What is "Order"? A bookmark?

If I want to reference a Content Control, how do I do that?
Production Manager
In your example order will be a variable that contains a number.

To reference Content Controls, you usually loop through the collection to find the one that meets your criteria. Unfortunately, a Content Control doesn't have a unique identifier. Often you can reference a Content Control by its Title or its Tag, but neither of those are necessarily unique. Duplicates can exist. This Stack Overflow post has 2 workable answers:Get ContentControl by title (or tag)

Here is Microsoft's reference page on Working with Content Controls:
Laurence MartinTraining Director


Thanks John,

I thought that Content Controls would be difficult.

My question was all about the field code, without using VBA,

We are waiting to see what Priority say.

I hope you are staying safe and well.