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Asus Router refuses to tether to Hotspot, or Phone.

        I have a Asus RT-Acrh13 router that I am trying to tether to a Verizon Hotspot. The Hotspot has USB 3.0 so there no USB version conflicts should be causing this.

 What happens is this:
1:  I power on the Asus and let it get to ready.
2:  I plug in a ethernet cord to the 4th port on the system and connect it to my laptop.
3:  I then connect the Hotspot to the Asus. the Hotspot detects that a device has connected
4:  I start the Quick setup (for some reason I can't get to the setting otherwise ) and set the device as USB Modem and finish the quick setup.
5: I then go to the network map and see that the Hotspot is there but I have no internet connection.

Unplugging and reconnecting the Hotspot shows that it is dis/connected on the hotspot and on the router but nothing happens. I can set the Hotspot to USB and Wifi but that still does not let the USB connection work. Thinking that it could be the Hotspot that is the problem I tried my cell and it was the same result except that it says that the cable is unplugged ( which it is but that is not the point ) I did some research on it and as luck has it I have a phone that is just incompatible with this router: a Samsung S7. I borrowed a 10S from a co-worker and hers "worked" as in it gets a IP but I still can't get online from our systems.. I updated firmware and tried 4 different cables. the results are t he same. Any tips on this?
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AFAIK The ASUS USB connection is for storage devices ONLY  it could be the same for the Hotspot
What you need is a USB Modem and not the hotspot.

I looked at the manual for the ASUS router, but didn't find anything that says you can use the USB port as the link to the internet.  What have you seen to make you think this can be done?

What are you really trying to accomplish here?
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We are trying to do is have the Router do the heavy lifting with route tables and such and just have the hotspot just be a connection to a tower.
I checked out this link and was able to find this one at an affordable price.
According to ASUS and Verizon, both should work but I don't understand why it nothing is working.

the reason we are doing this is that the client is currently using the Hotspot to run 5 systems, one being a Credit Card system. the Hotspot goes
crazy  if something other than the CC system tries to connect at the same time when a card is processed. we are getting everything hardwired
so that the hotspot is only doing fetching of data. ( they had landline cable but it was just horrible )
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I'm confused... you have a link from ASUS for devices that do what you want, but I'm not seeing the model you purchased (RT-Acrh13) on that page.  I think you have the wrong device for your needs.

I can think of a couple of ways to accomplish this.  The first is to follow David's suggestion and get a device that connects to the cell tower and provides wired or wireless Ethernet to your local users.  The second is to find a wireless router that can receive a wireless signal and send it out a wired port.  I think the first approach is much more straightforward.
Thank you for the link. when I go to the Asus website that list does not show up.

the only reason we did it like this was that the Hotspot was already purchased so no need for addition plans
or moving numbers. however this was relayed to the client as the reason we went to this was that the Hotspot is
acting up some. I have some access to one of them but it is currently allocated to a different project that was extended
due to the recent events. I will see if I can get another one and see if I can persuade Verizon to waive the fee. thank you all.

Thank you both for your help in this matter. the client was not happy that he has to pay for a different device but this is the solution that he can use. take care and stay well.