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need to know how to connect a HPE switch to an existing HPE switch

I have limited networking experience but want to begin to learn some switch install and config.  We have an HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Series (JG928A) switch that is installed and up and running.  I have purchased a HPE OfficeConnect 1920S Series switch (JL380A) to try to install and config to learn some basic networking skills.  My first question is this:  Initially, can I just plug the switch if purchased into an available port on the existing switch to do the install and config?  2nd question:  Can I somehow copy and paste the switch info from the installed HPE switch to the new one?  I know you will probably need more info but I need to start somewhere.
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The existing switch?  Can I get the info from the web interface and not use putty?
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yes you can connect to the web interface of hte switch but you should know the ip address of he switch to connect to it , all those managed switches
has a default ip address and default user name and password can be found in the manuall
- you can copy the conf from one switch to the another from the we interface but be aware not to duplicate the ip address
I have set a static ip address for the new switch.  I know the ip address of the existing switch and I am logged into it right now.  Would you be able to direct me how I would copy the config from the existing switch to the new one?
you should be able to export the configration file from system menu  , i cannot remember the menu name exactly but search fro configuration backup and restore
click Maintenance > Backup and Update Manager
select http bacup and download the file

then uplaod  that file it to the other switch , check this manual page 216
I have exported the config.  One question, this switch is also acting as our default gateway/router.  Will this be an issue for importing the config file from the existing switch to the new one?
I was not able to find a maintenance tab.  I did find an area that I could download the config file.  Will that work, or am I in a wrong area?
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I guess I am asking the wrong question then.  So, all I need to do is give the new switch a static ip address, subnet, and default gateway and I'm ready to go?  Should I then use a patch cable to connect the new switch to an open port on the existing switch?
yes , all you have to do is connect to the new switch to your laptop only , open the web config with the defaulat ip address , then change the ip to the new ip address , mask and gatway , save the configration , restart the switch , then connect it to the old switch  in any port with patch cord
OK.  I guess I was looking at this for training on my part.  I know that the IT firm that brought the switch we have had to setup VLANS and other stuff.  I was hoping to go through that process of initial setup on the new switch so I can learn.  I If I were to replace the gateway switch with another HP switch, could I just export the config and import it into the new one and I would be good?
yes just export and import will do the same copy of every thing
Thanks for your help.  Answered all of my questions very clearly.
u r welcome
I might have closed the question too soon.  I logged into the new switch and added an ip address within our scope that is not handed out by DHCP. are not handed out by DHCP and are used for networking devices.  I used which was available.  I added the subnet mask and the default gateway and clicked apply.  I unplugged the switch and brought it over to the network room.  I plugged in the power and then connected a cable from the new switch to the existing switch.  I then went to a web browser on my laptop and typed in and nothing comes up.  What am I missing?
do you have an ip  on your lap in the  same subnet, you may have connected it to port that is a member of another vlan  , try to connect your laptop directly to the new switch
also hitting apply only does not save the configuration , you have to click apply , then go to the configuration and click save to save the running config  you have modified to the startup config as so rebooting the switch without doing so will not save the configuration
OK.  Now it is working.  I plugged in the new switch to a port on the exsisting switch and then connected a cable from the new switch to my laptop and I was able to access all shared resources.  But I have 1 more problem.  I cannot access the web interface on a browser using which is the ip I assigned to the new switch.  can't even ping it.   Would I have been able to use the switch as explained in this comment if I would have not changed the ip address and default gateway and just left it at which is the default?
you can use it like that , but as i said if you clicked apply , then you have to go to another menu to save the changes of the default ip  to  the room of the switch , all your configuration is stored in the  running config which is erased after reboot  unless you save it to the startup configuration