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Break point in Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio 2018

Is there anyway I can put breakpoint in my scripts (T-Sql /Stored proc) in Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio 2018? With the older version before 2018 it was pretty easy to set breakpoint in the script and debug? Please let me know how one could set break point in Sql server management studio 2018?
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debugger has been removed from SSMS 2018
you have to use something like SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)/Visual Studio to debug a query.

open/create your query and then under the SQL Menu -> Execute with Debugger.

Or use something else, like TOAD for SQLSERVER (My personal favorite)


Why Microsoft has to remove this debugging tools from SSMS 2018? It would be good to have that feature on the SSMS. That is crazy!!
Anyways, this SSDT tool needs to be installed on visual studio right? Is TOAD free ?
Thanks for your help, Arana!
there is a free version of TOAD but not sure it will have that functionality (I know it doesnt have all functionality but not sure which it does and which it doesnt have)

And I know, by now you should not be surprised that MS decisions are not always the best (frequently)