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Create Once-Off Mobile Version of Website

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Last Modified: 2020-03-17
I created a 'brochure' website with Dreamweaver CS6 and PVII addons many years ago.
It looks fine on a desktop and laptop and is not too bad on a tablet.
It is however, it is very difficult to view on a mobile phone.

As a once-off project, I want to create a simplified mobile-only version
of the website (leaving the original www.site.ie as is.)
This mobile version would, I presume, be .... m.site.ie

I know a responsive/adaptive redesign of the entire site is the proper way to do the job,
but I am not prepared to do that near the end of my career for a single website.
(Besides .... the available budget is quite limited)

Do I need to insert a piece of  code in www.site.ie to redirect to m.site.ie?
Where is my m.site.ie stored on my hosting provider?
Any suggested tools & tips?

I use www.blacknight.com for my hosting.
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You treat a subdomain like a seperate domain. If you are using shared hosting, then you would just get another hosting account and through your dns manager (probably your registrar), create a new A record for m.site.ie and point it to the new IP provided by the hosting service.

As far as what you would use to redirect, you could try the user agent but that is not an easy option  https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Browser_detection_using_the_user_agent.. You would be better off doing what a responsive site does and use javascript to detect the width of the screen.

I know that what you are trying to do by reverting to a mobile version of the site sounds like it will be easier and if this is just a brochure site where you are not concerned with SEO, based on not wanting to put too much effort into this, that may be your option. However, if SEO or user experiance is important, then taking the time to recreate the site using a responsive library like  https://getbootstrap.com/  even if you only use the grid by applying classes to your blocks/divs. The reason to be concerned for SEO is google will count the two sites as duplicate content. You could just block Google, Bing and the rest from indexing the mobile version  https://support.google.com/news/publisher-center/answer/9605477?hl=en.. If that does not matter, then no worries. 
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Thank you Scott for your comprehensive. and informative reply..
I'll close this on Tuesday. Hopefully, I will receive one or two more replies/opinions by then.

As I am not prepared to invest the necessary time and money in reskilling and re-equipping myself for a single website,
it now looks more likely than not, that I will wind up simply looking for a local qualified web designer for my client.
Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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Look into using a service like squaresspace.com,wix or Weebly. These sites offer a all in one solution, hosting,builder,templates and cms. All the templates will be responsive.Wordpress is a good option too, I think the others are going to be easier to use.