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Line Spacing Settings to Move 22pt Perpetua A Bit Closer Together

Using 22pt text for some work in Word & the font Perpetua.

The font is VERY readable.

But, the line height within paragraphs at 22pt is distracting.

With Single Line spacing selected in Word, tried even 21 point and it seemed to crush lots of lines together.

In addition to Single there are 1.5, Double, At Least, Exactly and Multiple.

What combination of Spacing variables should I apply to 22pt Perpetua text to bring the lines within paragraphs about 25% closer together?



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How does this look? 20 point exact line spacing.
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I almost never use exact line spacing in Word. Why? Just place an inline picture in one of those paragraphs and you'll see. Surprise!

Instead, I use Multiple line spacing for most projects. Multiple with the number set to 1 is the same as Single spacing. When you want to tighten it up a little a setting of Multiple with the number between 0.9 and 1 is usually good.

I'm with @JohnKorchuk on this about using Multiple line spacing.

But this is even more useful if you do it within styles.

Ideally, set the spacing you want in the most common body style — say the built-in "Body Text" style. Then use it as the "Based on" style for your other body styles. That way, if you later decide to adjust the line spacing, a single adjustment in "Body Text" will be inherited by all of the other body styles.

This approach is even more useful if you need to make small formatting "tweaks" during final pagination for a document. For example, I frequently need to squeeze copy very slightly to tighten up a chapter when the last few lines spill over to an unwanted odd-numbered page. This is especially vexing for documents like 3-ring binder manuals where all new chapters need to start on a recto (odd) page, because a chapter ending on an odd page will have an empty verso (even numbered) page automatically included after it.

To manage this, I select some content prior to the end of the chapter and adjust the value for "Multiple" line spacing in very slight increments until the final paragraph no longer spills over.

However, edits for a subsequent edition may render these tweaks unnecessary. Fortunately, Word's style tools make it easy to reverse any such tweaks.

In the Style Pane Options dialog, turning on "Paragraph level formatting" will include any such adjustments in the list of styles. For example, the style list might look something like this: Styles list showing style names with added direct formatting
The Reveal Formatting pane on the right in the above screen capture shows that the current selection is using line spacing of 1.05 lines from the Body Text style definition, but has direct formatting added to use line spacing of 1.08 lines.

By using the style list's pulldown to select all 12 instances of the tweak, I can then just click on the "Body Text" style name above it in the list to reset them all in one step.


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