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Cisco UCS vNIC seq no vs VMWare VMNIC seq no

amigan_99 asked
When I add a new blade to a UCS chassis the server profile from a template has it create six vNICs - two for mgt, two for iSCSI, two for data. They are numbered 0 through 5. And so it is also on the VMWare side where VMNICs are numbered 0 to 5. But the last time I turned the newly registered server over to the VMWare admins the VMNICs 0 through 5 had the mac addresses all jumbled up. What was 1 in UCS might be 4 in VMWare, 2 might align with  3 and so on. My question is - what mechanism determines which NIC as defined by its mac address is associated with what sequence number in VMWare. Is it just a matter of how the VMW engineer selects the NICs for attachment to the VM? Do they all come in at once and VMW just decides the sequence number of each? Inquiring minds want to know!

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it is the order the VMWare discovers them that determines the nic no.  unfortunately planets being out of alignment could cause one nic to be discovered before another on power on and poof that is the way that VMWare will see them.  it happens the same way in the Windows world as well
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You can change them if you like, but it does require a deep dive into the configuration.

and the discovery sequence is different for versions of ESXi.

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