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Removal of the Exchange On-Premises Servers

Alex Homes
Alex Homes asked

We moved to Office 365 last year so would like to remove our 2  Exchange 2010 DAG servers, after some reading I think these are the steps,
has anyone had any experience doing this, am I missing any steps?

  • Remove the Service Connection Point values from Exchange: Get-ClientAccessServer | Set-ClientAccessServer -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri $Null
  • Remove Exchange on-prem inbound and outbound connectors from Office 365
  • Exchange uninstaller (from Add/Remove Programs

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Server engineer
If you are still using Hybrid configuration then,

First, go to Organization Configuration < “Organization Relationship“:
Right click on the existing relationship and Remove:

Go to Federation Trust and remove the ‘Federation gateway’:

Go to “Server Configuration” and then to “Exchange Certificates”, remove the “Federation Certificate”.
Remove the “Hybrid Remote Domains”:

Remove the “OnMicrosoft.com” domain address from “Email Address Policy”:

– Remove Microsoft domain form any existing email address policy, sometimes we have several policies.

Remove the “Accepted Domains“:

Remove the “Send & Receive Connectors”:

In order to remove the “Hybrid Configuration, delete the following key in the “ADSIEDIT.MSC”

Open the “ADSIEDIT” and navigate to:
CN=Hybrid Configuration,CN=Hybrid Configuration,CN=DOMAIN,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain

Delete the key:

And then the “Hybrid Configuration” will be disappeared from the Exchange management console

Remove-OrganizationalRelationship -identity “NAME”
Re-check there is no relationship:


You also can to uninstall the Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard from Programs and Features.
Office 365 Connectors:Go to office 365 Admin panel and turn off the Inbound and outbound connectors between your on-premises to Office 365, I would suggest turning them off for a couple of days and then remove it.

After the above steps have been completed I recommend you to stop and disable all exchange services for 3-4 days and check office 365 migrated user functionality.

If no users complaint then safely go ahead and start all exchange services, change the startup type to automatic and uninstall exchange gracefully using control panel.