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Connect iPad to TV

In this time of chaos, our Church, as many others is having services online. In our case, Zoom is being used.

Today I took my computer to the living room & attached to the smart TV with an HDMI cable, worked great.

But for convenience sake, I would like to use my IPAD as my device but show the picture on TV so that several can gather at my house but I can use the Ipad as the chat entry device.

Is there a way to wirelessly connect the iPad to the TV ad have the TV accept input from the iPad?

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Buy an AppleTV, connect it to the TV, have it on the same WiFi network as the iPad.
The iPad can now mirror its screen to the AppleTV (and hence display it on the TV) (You can access it by swiping up on the iPad)
Which smart TV is it?  Newer Samsungs have AirPlay as part of their services and you can just use airplay to connect.  If you have zoom connected to the TV, you can just start a Zoom meeting and share it to the TV that way.  There is a zoom app for the TV.
"Is there a way to wirelessly connect the iPad to the TV ad have the TV accept input from the iPad?"

1. Apple TV device - works but is the most expensive device and overpriced in my opinion
2. Android TV devices like a Chromecast have apps which support AirPlay  -
3. Some smart TVs have inbuilt support for AirPlay either directly or via apps you can download to the TV - as outlined by serialband
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How can I determine if my Samsung (about 14 months old, late 2018) has AirPlay?

Thank you,

Samsung website or post the model number here and someone can advise you
My Samsung Model number is one of: UN55NU7100 or UN55NU710D or UN55NU7200

Thanks  I don't see Airplay listed in the Manual, but they do have a section on connecting a mobile device to your TV.
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Connecting the TV to the WiFi may be something you've not done yet, so ensure your TV is online and on the same WiFi network and you're good to get started.
Eoin OSullivan,

I'll have to try that (getting TV on the Wifi). AirPlay does NOT (right now) show up on the iPad.

Until the TV is on the WiFi network you’ll not be able to use AirPlay