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Will Mongo work with Access?

Will access allow connection to MONGO DB?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

It appears they have released an ODBC driver: 

Mentions Excel so I guess Access should work as well:
This driver makes it incredibly simple to connect to MongoDB data using analytics tools such as Microsoft Excel, Qlik, Microstrategy Desktop, Tableau Desktop, and PowerBI.
Will it work, well, yes.

BUT: Mongo is NOSQL, thus non-relational. So not every you cannot transparently access every MongoDB with Access. If you use it on the otherhand just for storing relations in it, then it works.

Caveat: Also data type mapping can be harder in some cases.

If there is REST API running on it, then you may use that API to connect, but know using Access should be reconsidered. But it can be done.
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looking for the easiest way to setup some interns to update some tables in mongo, what is the best way to setup and edit for data in mongo tables....
There are no tables in MongoDB. Only collections and documents.

Thus there is imho no "general best way".

Compass as front-end works pretty well, but I requires some skills of your interns.

Depending on what your interns need to do, implementing a simple UI in .NET or another front-end technology is not that hard. Cause also using Access requires some development time.
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