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DELL PE T420 Server 2016 Std no drivers

We are trying to repurpose a DELL PE T420 server with Server 2016 Standard. When you launch the installation it asks for drivers which should be on the installation disc but it will not recognize any of them. We have downloaded the drivers for OS deployment from the DELL site for this combination but it still will not recognize any of the drivers in that package. This server did not have iDRAC originally so that is not an option.
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Presuming your bios, idrac, lifecycle is upto date, during boot hit F10 to enter the lifecycle which shoukd enable you to boot the system, choose which OS you are installing, setup the RAID if needed, insert the OS install media, etc....
The drivers will be streamed into the OS install.

Which idrac version do you have? You could setup idrac Ip, and then initiate the install remotely while connecting to idrac ent....if you have it available.

Potentially, while you got the drivers, the existing setup did not have the raid volume setup. Loading a driver to access a perc h7xx or h3xx does not make raid creation tools during install.

Either use lifecycle or during boot enter the raid controller ctrl-R ....or the option presented.
Within the raid controller setup the first volume, raid 1 as an example,  this is the volume that will be presented to the OS as the drive where the OS can be installed.

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