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Disk Imaging Software for Bare Metal Restore

Hi Experts,

I want to clone the 256 GB SSD on my Microsoft Surface Pro to a new Microsoft Laptop 3 also with 256 GB SSD.

So the software needs to have bootable recovery media.

I have attempted to use the following software packages, but the recovery media either will not boot or crashes:

  • Acronis
  • ShadowProtect SPX
  • AOMEI Backupper Workstation

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Thanks, nobus.

I can see that Paragon includes a Recovery Media Builder.
Can casper create USB memory stick Recovery Media?

sure it can, i have a stick with casper 8 lying here ( that's an old version)
You can purchase SATA to USB cable and mirror disk using any software you like. I prefer AOMEI Backuper, then put this drive to second laptop.
You should be OK with booting.

If not,, Just do Partition C backup to external drive
Start new Windows installation on second computer and let instalator create boot manager
Run AOMEI backuper recovery disk and restore only C partition
Thanks, nobus.

Casper did everything asked of it.
A great product.

But I've moved on to trying to get the target PC to boot.

Thanks, Tom, for your suggestions.