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Windows 10 Black Screen when accessed by remote desktop

Remote Desktop Black Screen issue.  A lot of our computers show a black screen when we try to connect via remote desktop.  They are all windows 10 machines.  Any advice would be appreciated
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this is a setting to reduce the required bandwith and improve performance
It would be helpful to know the version (windows 10 built number) of both sides.
For example "10.0.18363.720"
It's not about a black background, if I understand correctly, but about a black screen, completely black, right?
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yes. completely black
Ok...and what build number is it (both ends, please)?
Can be determined using the command
or simply
version 10.0.18363.720
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thank you. still not working. it is now multiple computers  also when screens timeout only way to view is a reboot
The link I gave you tells you to use a certain GPO - did you do that? Afterwards, the client needs to apply that GPO AND reboot. Did you do that reboot and verify if that GPO has applied?
i do not see that as an option. the closes is Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop service sessions
I donn't know, but it seems you took a wrong turn when navigating to
Computer configuration -> Policies->Windows Settings->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Remote Desktop Services->Remote Desktop Session Host->Remote Session Enviroment],

There's the policy "Use WDDM graphics display driver for Remote Desktop Connections" which you need to set to "Disabled" ->restart windows afterwards.
so sorry. I still do not see. I am looking in my default domain policy. should I be looking somewhere else
If the following is missing for you, that could mean that you don't have the latest administrative templates installed:
User generated image
ok. I see it on local computer GP. I will try that tomorrow
sorry to say the group policy change did not work. thank you
Did you restart the machine afterwards or just shut it down and turn it on again?
I did a restart
Ok, that's that.

I'd do tests with cleanly installed machines with no additional software and see if you can connect to those from the same machines you are connecting from.

Also the other way round; connect from those clean machines to the machines you are having problems with.
didn’t work on all machines but did work on a few. thank you very helpful
thanks again