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Start, Stop and know the status of windows services

I am creating windows services using C# , and configurator for the service using windows form app in C#. So, I want to include start, stop and know the state of the service( Running/Stopped) functionality on my configurator, how would I do this using C# ? So if I click start button it is going to start the service and if I click the Stop button it would stop the service, and text field should display the status of the service (running, or stopped).

 All I want to make my configurator user friendly, so that user don't have to go to Task Manger and manually stop or start the service. Not only for the service I created, but this would allow me to write any service name on the text field, and should give me service status, and if it is already running, and  I click stop button it should stop, if it is stopped, and I click start button it should run.
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I appreciate the solution @ it_Saige, I am gonna test the solution you provided, if it works the way I want, I will mark it as "this is my solution". Thank you again.