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User cannot access folder

Pic 1 is the effective permissions of this user for the folder
User generated imageThe next pic shows I have the correct user:
User generated imagePic 3 is the error message:
User generated image
Any thoughts? Workstation is W10. Server 2016. This folder was created and 3 users given permission. 2 out of 3 can access.
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Check the permissions on the share.
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Set to Everyone all access... which is why, I assume, that his effective permissions is Full.
hmm, relogon on the client, maybe you made a change, which didn't propagate.
Yea... tried that... and rebooting. I just made another "test" folder... same thing.
What does the effective access tab say about that user?
Full control
Added the user to the Administrators group... still cannot access folder
Made the user part of the Domain Admin account. Rebooted... still cannot access.
He appears to only be able to get in if I give Everyone access to the folder.
why Mark Govan2 and not Mark Govan? see the (mgovan@ad.a...) in your first screenshot.

is the name correctly defined at the ad and the client?

maybe you should clear all from this user and start from beginning .... perhaps choose a name without spaces (just an old habit of me).

mgovan@ = Mark Govan2 while mark@ = Mark Govan

Not sure what Clear all means, but I cannot wipe these users out and start over.
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That did it!  But do you know why? I can ping the server name and get the IP, web browsing is fine, etc.
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Hello There

I knew this will work. This happens to us sometimes. And honestly, I don't know the cause of this yet. I am still in the process of investigation. Everything works as supposed, you just need to use the IP address.
Thanks again "Hello There"
If the ip works while the name does not, there will have been saved credentials for the name. Credentials of someone else, that does not have access. The ip access will not use credentials saved for the name, that's why.
there will have been saved credentials for the name

good catch.

to find stored credentials  in Windows 10?

    open a cmd command shell as administrator
    type inetcpl.cpl at the  command prompt
    use the Content tab.
    use AutoComplete - Settings - Manage Passwords.
    in Credential Manager you can view your saved credentials and passwords