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Naresh Patel
Naresh Patel asked
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Last Modified: 2020-03-21
Hi Experts,
Need one suggestion - there community election and as active member I need to do it digitally . there is 1000 members and 7 candidate nominated for one post. we are going to use it ballot paper where all members listed on that paper and members need to check mark his / her vote for his candidate. I searching for machnisam like say assing QR code for each candidate and we just need to scan the code and declar result . for qr code I know free websites but I don't know how do I count this ballot and display result ...is there any app available for this type of counter ? our community is non profit making organization so I do this voluntary.
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ste5anSenior Developer

Just a comment:

I would stick to the old school and count it manually. When there is a slightly chance that an error occurs, you need to recheck it manually. Thus save that effort in looking for such a solution.  Especially as scanning isn't that much faster in your case.
IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
It is an awesome idea and there is a free tool to do it.



But the above tool only works if you have one to one supervision of the voting process or the voting results will be a mess.

In short, you need to have a registrar of who and when an vote is made or it will be difficult to convince to the stakeholders that your voting results are accurate.
Naresh PatelFinancial Adviser



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