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AS400 battery issue

AS400 internal battery replacement procedure
PN 44H7785 replacement procedure AS400 9406 720 (OS is 5.2)

the internal batteries in the AS400 are swollen and I can smell battery acid in the computer room.
I purchased 4 new batteries, I will replace them on Saturday.

do I have to power off the AS400 to change the internal batteries?

a retired AS400 hardware engineer told me that the internal batteries can be changed one unit at a time without downing the unit because it has an external UPS, but
one replacement battery seller (eBay) said the unit has to be powered off and unplugged.

I'm reluctant to down the unit because it failed to restart one time because the old fans locked up.

Anybody change these before know the answer?

Hardware* AS400 hardware issue - internal batteries

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