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WIN 10 Map Network Drive credentials

Trying to connect a new WIN10 system (SYS5) to other computer(SYS4) hard drive using MAP NETWORK DRIVE. Dialog asks for user name and password of SYS4. Username is OWNER, but there was no password needed to access that system.  When connectign a older WIN7 system (SYS2) last year a tech added a password to SYS4 to allow access to SYS4 c-drive  from SYS2. But I did not record what he entered. Is there anyway to discover what this password is? If not is there a workaround that will not require me to enter a password when starting up SYS4?
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SYS4, set password, test again. If it works, and you're bent on getting SYS4 started and auto logged in, use this MS tool: 
One could turn off the requirement for a password for sharing on a Win 10 computer, but that seems to have gone away in the 1909 release.  I've been unsuccessful at accessing a Win 10 share with no password since that update.  I have been creating a user on the "server" (SYS4 in your case) as well as a password for the logged-in user on the client (SYS5 in your case).  That seems to work well.


Thanks for the response. I have a 1909 version.
On SYS4 (existing system)  I see under CREDENTIALS MANAGER that there are no Windows Credentials (contrary to former assumption). So I intend to create one but am not clear what to enter for "Internet or network address." Would this be the computer name? Or since its for the system on which its being created, leave it blank? I assume that "user" would be the only user (me) which is "owner" (local, administrator).
On SYS4 there were no Windows credentials, so I created a Windows credential there with SYS4 as network address, Owner (the only user on this system) as User name and password 'equityxx.'
On SYS5  in Map Network Drive entered 'X' for Drive,  '\\sys5\c-drive' as Folder and 'equityxx' as password. Got message 'The specified network password is incorrect.'  SYS4 shows up using the browse mode,  so there is no question about SYS5 seeing SYS4. And there is no message suggesting the Owner is not found on SYS4. Tried with several versions of upper and lower cases, with no difference in results.
I'd create a Windows USER on SYS4, with a password, and use that as credentials when trying to connect from SYS5.  That is, stay out of Credentials Manager to do this.  It may be "doable" there, but I don't know how.

If you assign a password to the user on SYS5 and create the same account (same name and password) on SYS4, it should connect without any prompts.  This can be workable if there are few users but not so well if there are many.  In the latter case I'll create a single user SYS4Share on SYS4 and give it a password.  Those are the credentials you'd use when prompted on SYS5.  It may be that it won't work unless you have a password for the regular user on SYS5.  That was my impression when I first ran into it with 1909, but I didn't test it thoroughly.  I just decided to have passwords everywhere as they are a good idea in the first place.
Credentials gotten better since a few years, it's not totally necessary to have the same user on both systems anymore
However, it's still one of the best methods. Please note, username and what you THINK is the username, may surprise you. You usually think it's the same, but what you're seeing (if you don't dig deep enough), is actually the DISPLAY name.
By creating a new account on BOTH systems, you will not have this illusion anymore. Also don't forget to assign this new user to the shared permissions as well as the drive permissions.
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