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Crystal Reports - Add together rows with sums of 2 columns

I am currently writing a Crystal Report in CR 13 SP 12.   I have several rows that look like this:

Name           Service         Quantity         Time Spent
Jeff                Lawn                   1                    3 hours
Jeff                Lawn                   1                    4 hours 
Rick               Floors                  1                    2 Hours    
Rick               Floors                  1                    1 Hour   
Rick               Floors                  1                    3 Hours

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What I need to do is combine the rows for each name, adding together the "Quantity" and "Time Spent" columns, so the output would look something like this:

Name            Services            Quantity           Time Spent
Jeff                 Lawn                   2                      7 Hours
Rick               Floors                  3                       6 Hours 

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How would I go about combining the rows and getting sums in this way?  So far I've created grops for the names and for the Services, but can't break through that next wall.
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