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Need to Send Text Messages from Mailchimp

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Last Modified: 2020-03-22
I am looking for something that will work with Mailchimp to enable text messages to be sent, and that has an unsubscribe feature of some sort.

I found some company that makes a plugin for Mailchimp, 'text marketer' but they are based in the UK, and I'm unsure if they's support texts to the USA

Any other products that would be inexpensive?

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Sending the email and converting it to text is relatively straightforward but I'm not aware of an UNSUBSCRIBE solution specifically.

There are lots of email to SMS/MMS services out there.  

The better services have a fixed number and have OPT-OUT support so that the recipient can reply to a number and stop receiving SMS messages.  

However the link to also remove/disable that email/sms from MailChimp is the missing bit.  All the main services have API facility and that is the coding bit .. in effect when someone sends a OPT-OUT message the API on the SMS Gateway needs to trigger some code which passes the number onto MailChimp and de-activates the email on that side too.

I'm not aware of a 3rd party service that does this but I could be wrong.  Perhaps if you contact the SMS Gateway providers above they may have a service//product they can recommend.

MailChimp is a leading EMAIL service and the SMS GATEWAY services above are probably familiar with other clients working with email services in conjunction with their offering.

I've heard of a few MailChimp integrations but haven't tested and cannot confirm the unsubscribe features


ClickSend was one of the services recommended.  I was able to everything we needed to do directly on the ClickSend pages.  If we had wanted MailChimp to be the central database, then we would have needed an integrator.  We didn't need to go from MailChimp to text messaging.  Thanks for the recommendation.