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New Gmail account. Can’t email 100 people

I just created a new free Gmail account.  I have to email about 100 people. When I’m trying to do it it won’t go through. No one has received any of my messages. Is there a reason why? I would think it’s under the limit.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
What reason does gmail give for declining to send the messages?

(gmail probably thinks that 100 messages on a brand-new account is an indicator of use-once, throw-away spamming.)
No reason at all. I just know that none of the recipients had received anything.  It’s been over an hour
I did not get any returned message
Here’s a little bit more info

I tried emailing just one person and it goes through. Then I decreased it to 25 people and it did not go through for the 25.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
That is very likely to be gmail's anti-spam filters kicking in.

I suspect that you will need to send email to one recipient at a time until your account has been established for some time and no spam issues have been associated with it.
What if I add everybody as contacts?
IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
What if I add everybody as contacts?

No difference. The maximum number you can send in 24 hours is 500 and the maximum number of recipients per email is less than 100.

Have you added a recovery phone number to your new Gmail account?

If not, you will not be able to send any email as you must provide one.

that’s was it!
interesting thing is I was able to send email to at least one person. Once I started adding a bunch of emails it wouldn’t go until I had the recovery number verified.  FYI.

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