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Setting up test Hyper-v domain - basic network config

I am trying to set up a mini domain using hyper-v guests purely for testing/learning purposes.
I have  Server 2019 & a Windows 10 pro as VMs, currently both on a hyper-v private switch
Hyper-v is running just on Windows 10 on my home PC

I can't get the two guests to communicate at all. The Windows 10 VM does not get an ip address from DHCP on the server.
With manual IPs they can't pin each other

I have DHCP running on my physical router for my home office network, and have created a scope and activated it.

I believe that guests on a private switch should be able to communicate. I must be doing something very stupid that's wrong, but I can't see what it is.

Thanks for any tips! I'm feeling a bit stupid.. I must be missing something obvious.
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Confirm that all VMs are on the same private virtual switch.

VMs on a private virtual switch will have no communication with the host or your physical network.
What we do is set up a private virtual switch.

All VMs are set up on that vSwitch. The DC is stood up first with ADDS, DNS, and DHCP.

Once the scope is configured in DHCP all other VMs that get stood up will know how to find the DC and other VMs.

We set up a Windows 2008 R2 VM with two virtual NICs. One is hooked to the private vSwitch and the other is hooked to an External vSwitch.

We install RRAS and use that VM as a proxy to get out to the Internet. That way we have a "real" lab setup.

Untangle is a freebie that can be used in the place of Server 2008 R2 RRAS.