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ESXi/VM memory swap file names

jskfan asked
ESXi/VM memory swap file names

- If I understand Virtual Machine (ie, windows) , can swap memory to disk , when its physical memory capacity has reached the Limit.
this is done from within Windows Operation System
I would like to know the name of the swap file.

- Also, the ESX host can swap physical memory to its local storage(by default), when it cannot give any memory to VMs... Not sure in this case if ESX will swap  each VM memory to its(ESX local storage), OR it swaps its own (ESX physical memory) to its own local storage

Example: ESX1 has 24 GB , that he handouts to all VMs.. and at some point every VM needs more memory and ESX1 does not have any to give out.
At this moment ,will  ESX1 creates separate swap files on its local storage  for VM1, VM2.........VMn ,
 ESX1 will will create one big swap file on its local storage and the freed physical memory will be handed out to the VMs that need it.

 If you can provide the name of this swap file, it will be helpful too.

Thank you
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windows operating system pagefile.sys and swapfile.sys
ESXI separate memory file for each virtual machine  Swap files (<VM_name>.vswp, vmx-<VM_name>.vswp) – a virtual machine swap file used to reclaim memory during periods of contention. 


Thank you for the valuable information