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Extract Certificate Info via a Script

Hi everyone.  Hope everyone is staying well during this global health crisis!  Okay my question.  I have been asked to write a script that extracts the expiration date for a particular certificate on a user's machine.  I'm able to run certmgr.msc, go under the "Personal" folder, click on "Certificates" and see my own certificates, but I want to write some sort of script that can run on all machines in my organization to extract the expiration date for a specific certificate (let's call it "CertificateABC".   Does anyone have any idea how I can do that?  Thanks in advance!
Windows 10* certificate services* certmgr.msc

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Anne Maire Fierst

8/22/2022 - Mon
Pete Long

 - Would a better solution not be to interrogate  'issued certificates" on your CA Server(s)?

Anne Maire Fierst

Hi Pete, I think the certificate is on a person's laptop, not on a server...I don't think our admin can access them via a server, which is why he asked me to write a script that each person could run on their own machine.  I was hoping I could grab some info from the registry, but I can't find in the registry what certmgr.msc is telling me.
Anne Maire Fierst

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